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  • Sample International Cuisine in New Jersey

    FROM THE Spring 2017 ISSUE

    Labebe serves bright and satisfying Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Sample International Cuisine in New Jersey

    FROM THE Spring 2017 ISSUE

    Blue Moon has an upbeat atmosphere.

  • Sample International Cuisine in New Jersey

    FROM THE Spring 2017 ISSUE

    The swordfish at Anemos is artfully plated.

One of the greatest things about living in New Jersey is that you can sample food from around the world without having to leave the state. Just a short drive in any direction will make you feel a world away, with the cuisine to match. Here are some ethnic eateries around the state that off er up meeting places and party venue capabilities, accompanied with exotic menus that will satisfy everyone on your guest list.


With an authentic and cozy atmosphere, Anemos Greek Cuisine will take you on a journey through the Greek Islands with its menu of fresh ingredients, seafood and array of Mediterranean delights. Anemos is a familyowned restaurant with a strong Greek heritage that offers a lighter, more modern twist on Greek food. Owner Helen Arvanitis says, “My parents passed down their expertise and knowledge, which inspired me to open the restaurant. Dishes like the Pastichio are traditional recipes from my family that we’re happy to share—so that our patrons get to enjoy them as well.”

Anemos Greek Cuisine is the ideal place for not only lunch and dinner but any size business meeting and special event. Its main dining room seats 130 and also offers catering services for parties and celebrations.

Various Locations

With a strong and powerful history dating back to the 1980s, Blue Moon Mexican Cafe has locations in Norwood, Englewood, Wyckoff and Woodcliff Lake. Coleen Grennan, vice president of operations, says, “All four locations have well exceeded expectations and have exceptional same store sales growth with very strong futures.” 

Blue Moon is best known for its large burritos, fajitas and margaritas, as well as its dedication to great service. Its Norwood location has two private rooms, one holding up to 50, while the other is a bit larger, accommodating 85. Englewood also has two party rooms, the smaller holding up to 20 and the larger holding 65.  Customers can choose à la carte, or the limited menu offerings, as well as cocktail menus and buffet menus.

North Brunswick

Authentic Mediterranean-infused dishes are the name of the game at Labebe. This sophisticated and contemporary restaurant with a full bar is a tribute to Labebe herself, a mother and grandmother who was known for creating magic in the kitchen. Its menu is inclusive, but not so large that each dish cannot be created 100 percent fresh. Owner Pierre Hage-Boutros says, “Labebe  emphasizes the variations of dishes that travelers to the Mediterranean encounter—a trip for the palate and the senses.” Popular items include: grilled octopus, paella, Labebe ceviche bowl, seafood risotto, hummus, grilled lamb chops, mixed grill and numerous vegetarian options.

Labebe also provides private dining options for those looking to host an event in its space. Its talented chef caters to everything from corporate functions to luncheons to personal celebrations. Located on the lower level of the restaurant, its private dining space holds up to 35 guests while its main dining room accommodates up to 120 guests.

Red Bank

Born in Lima, Peru, owner and executive chef Marita Lynn shares her love for Peruvian cuisine in her downtown Red Bank restaurant. Runa (meaning “people”) serves up dishes made with fresh, seasonal foods that are locally sourced and exquisitely crafted. 

“We offer a feast of flavors at Runa. Ceviches, raw fish marinated in lime juice and aji peppers, and our rotisserie chicken, as well as other small plates and entrees are our most popular items,” says Lynn. “Peruvian cuisine is not only trendy and delicious but it welcomes all dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.” 

Runa Peruvian Cuisine is available for corporate receptions, fundraisers, cocktail parties and more, and you can customize the menu to suit the style of your event. The restaurant holds up to 60 people and also offers catering on and off the premises. 

Awards do not come easily in the restaurant business. Michelin, AAA and Forbes tell us who the best is (and Wine Spectator when it comes to vino), and there are only a select few of local establishments that make the esteemed cut. The Bernards Inn is in rare company, as it is the only restaurant in New Jersey that has made the Forbes list of the top restaurants in the United States. AAA counts just 11 restaurants in its Four-Diamond rating in our state. While you may hear that trophies are handed out just for showing up, it’s clearly not the case when it comes to dining.


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The freshness of the new, clean sunlight inspired Marlene Freeman to design a neutral-colored table that awakens your neurons with the millions of sparkling lights reflecting off the abundance of crystal pieces upon this table.

This table delights the eye with a bevy of crystal pieces featuring a variety of patterns, some etched with straight, sharp lines and others decorated with flowing, organic designs.